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- FAQs

I've placed an order. How do I find out the status of the order? TOP
There is an option in the navigation menu (left side of your screen) that says "ORDER TRACKING". Click on that and enter your email address and the order ID number that came on your confirmation. There you will find all the details of your order (excluding payment information), including shipping status and the tracking number of your package.

My order has shipped but it hasn't left Canada for days. What's going on? TOP
Orders to international destinations ship through the Mississauga, Ontario postal station. From there it is shipped to the international postal service. The receiving postal service doesn't always scan the tracking bar on receipt so it looks like the parcel is sitting in Canada forever. Our experience tells us that the parcel has been accepted into Customs and they just pass it along when they're done with it. Typically the parcel arrives at your door the same day that it reappears in the tracking system, as they do scan the tracking number on delivery. For customers in the US that is typically 5-7 days after the Mississauga date. For customers overseas it can be 5-10 days. So if it appears to be sitting in Canada for a week, don't worry. Your order is on its way.

Special care tips TOP
To ensure the long life of your Hug, here's a few tips in caring for it:

  • Keep your Hug in a sealed bag between uses to keep the herbs smelling fresh longer;

  • Store your Hug in a dark, cool place between uses;

  • When cooling in the refrigerator or freezer, make sure the Hug is in a sealed plastic bag to avoid picking up food/freezer odours;

  • When you notice the moisture on the outside of the bag decreasing when you heat the Hug, add a small dish of water in the microwave with the Hug to reduce the chance of scorching;

  • Do not wash the Hug, use a damp cloth to surface clean;

  • If you have pets, do not leave the Hug lying around. They like them too and will often steal the Hug to their favourite spot;

What's in a Hug? TOP
A Herbal Hug contains a blend of wheatseed, flaxseed and dried herbs. The grain is certified cleaned, however there is a chance that there are small amounts of other seeds in the grain. The fabric we use is satin for the eye bags and polar fleece for the rest of the Hugs.

How do they work? TOP
The blend of grains that we use is one that was extensively researched to ensure a long lasting heat with excellent scent retention. The flaxseed is an oil seed which when used by itself can heat up very quickly and get to a temperature where it can burn skin. The wheatseed on the other hand takes longer to heat but people loose patience and will often burn a totally wheat filled bag. When combined in the right proportions, however, the flaxseed heats up fast and transfers that heat to the wheat, ensuring that your bag will have a longer lasting thermal ability over almost all the other bags in the market.

As the bag is heated the scent from the herbal content is released and you get a wonderful herbal scent to go with the thermal therapy, something we call aromathermotherapy.

How do I heat a Hug? Do I need a microwave? TOP
A microwave is the best method of heating a Hug, but you can heat them in an oven as well. You just need to pay closer attention to the heating process.

Using a Microwave: The first time you heat a Hug we suggest going very slowly and in increments. Starting at 50% power, heat it for 2 minutes for a Pack or Wrap, or 30 seconds for an Eye Bag. See how hot it gets. Then continue heating it by adding 1 minute or 30 second intervals for the Packs & Wraps; 10 seconds for the Eye Bags. Keep doing this until it's at a temperature you're comfortable with. Remember the accumulated time and then next time you heat the Hug you'll know how long to put it in for. Be sure to read about moisture on the Hug, below. If you are using a different microwave than you normally do, follow the same instructions. Every microwave is different.

Using an Oven: Set your oven on low heat. Wrap your Hug in tin foil, and place on a wire rack or cookie sheet. You'll have to pay close attention to the time the Hug remains in the oven as your chances of burning it due to inattention will be quite high. When the Hug is hot enough for you, make note of the time and temperature you used and mark it down for future reference. Be sure to read about moisture on the Hug, below.

It is best to heat a Hug only when it is at room temperature. If the Hug is still warm when re-heating, remember to take that into account and reduce the time on the microwave/oven accordingly so you don't burn it.

Why does it say to heat at 50% power on a microwave? TOP
There are many thermal packs out there that say to microwave on high heat but we don't recommend it. By heating at 50% heat you are taking better care of your Hug and extending it's life. You lessen the chances of burning it by doing a slow, gradual heat rather than a fast and hot heat.

Why is the fleece wet/damp when I heat it? TOP
The content of your Hug is grain seed which has a certain amount of residual moisture in it. That condensation on the outside of your Hug means the grain is fresh. When you begin to notice that moisture decreasing on the surface of your Hug, add a small dish of water to the microwave when you heat it. As the grain dries out it is easier to scorch. By adding the dish of water you reduce that chance. You can wipe the moisture off Hug before using, or leave it as is for penetrating moist heat.

My Hug smells terrible after I heated it. What happened? TOP
If your Hug smells foul, like burnt popcorn or worse that means you've overheated the bag and burned the contents. There is no way to fix this problem and remove that smell. If you have a compost heap, you can open the bag and add the contents to your compost; dispose of the fabric as you see fit.

My eye bag smells like a bad freezer when I cooled it. What happened? TOP
When you place your Hug in the freezer you need to seal it in a plastic bag. Otherwise it picks up the odours of the freezer. Depending on how badly it smells, you may be able to leave it out, uncovered and see if the smell dissipates. It may take a few days. If it fades but not entirely you can use the Scent Kisses to re-scent the Hug then seal it in a plastic bag for a week or so. That should remove any of the lingering odours.

My Hug doesn't smell as nice as it used to. Can I revive the scent? TOP
As the scent in the Hugs is based solely on herbs, they will eventually fade. You can lengthen the duration of the herbs by taking good care of your Hug as per the Special Care Tips at the top of this page. You can revive the Hug to a degree by adding a few drops of the appropriate Scent Kiss and sealing the Hug in a bag for a week or so. Or you can add a drop or two of Scent Kisses each time you use the Hug. Heat/cool the Hug then add a drop or two right on the surface & enjoy.

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